Premium+ paint & moisture absorbing masking film in a box


The lilac transparent masking film FOL 43 is not only a good static masking film that holds paint on the exterior of the film, but has also a special layer on the inner side of the film to absorb rests of humidity on the car. This way you avoid white spots after spraying. After masking a wet surface, it’s possible that humidity settles into the old paint layer after spraying and drying, and this leaves white spots in the old paint layer. These spots can be removed by exposing the surface to infrared heating (polishing is NO OPTION) but prevention is better than curing. Remark: The absorption capacity of this film is limited: the film absorbs humidity, but a soaking wet car needs to be dried before masking. This lilac Finixa masking film has the following advantages, just like all other Finixa masking films: excellent paint absorbing on the exterior side, Finixa logo printed side easily cut statically loaded so application can be made by 1 person Remark: By applying be sure that the film is put on the car with the Finixa logo to the outside, only this side is treated to hold paint and spray dust. Tip: If white spots appear after masking with Finixa masking film: NEVER try to solve this by polishing, spots will come back. Remove these spots by exposing the surface to Spectratek infrared short wave and the spots will disappear like snow in summer. Reference Description Box pal FOL 43 Premium+ paint & moisture absorbent masking film in a box - 15µm - 400cm x 150m 1 24 EQU 70 dispenser for masking film single 1 X

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