Features ■ Pressure transmitter for the measuring of relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids ■ Stainless steel case in sturdy design, degree of protection IP 65/67 ■ Accuracy 0.1 % ■ High-resolution graphic display with Intuitive 4-button operation and backlight ■ Comprehensive parameterising and simulation and diagnostic functions ■ Nominal range 0.25 bar to 400 bar ■ Turndown up to 100:1 ■ Measuring rate up to 100 Hz ■ Output signal 4…20 mA with HART® protocol ■ Digital communication via PDM, FDT/DTM, 375/475 Field Communicator ■ Output functions: linear, invers, square root, table function ■ Media temperature -40…100 °C ■ Wetted parts stainless steel ■ Case design: process connection bottom or back ■ Process connections: various screw-in thread with internal diaphragm ■ Approved according to NAMUR 95 Options ■ Explosion protection; SIL2; material certificate and calibration certificate per EN 10204 ■ Degree of protection IP 69K

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • high-resolution graphic display
  • high accuracy
  • intuitive operation

Product features

Measuring rate up to 100 Hz
Measurement range from 25 mbar to 400 bar
Accuracy 0.1%

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The ultimate in measuring accuracy + robustness combined wth intuitive operation

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