Premium silver anchovies - Premium silver anchovies



Jukbang anchovy is a fan-shaped dish made of bamboo called 'Jukbang'. The word comes from catching anchovies through stakes. It is not caught with a net like general anchovy, but by the rapid flow of the clean waters of the southern coast. By letting the anchovies go into the jukbangryeom, they can be retrieved without damaging the scales or the body. Since the installation of jukbangryeom and the license for fishing grounds are limited, only a small amount can be produced, It grows in the southern coast, where highly nutritious plankton live, so its flesh is firm and It is a high-quality anchovies that are low in oil and do not have a fishy smell. Product Use 1. Snacks and munchies 2. side dish Our Company Woori-DFG Daraeng-i Products Bamboo weirs are the Korean cultural heritage that our ancestors used to catch fish, and it hands down the ancient wisdom.

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Woori-DFG Daraeng-i Products
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South Korea