Professional internet power outlet strip can be used worldwide to control, measure and monitor electrical appliances via Ethernet (LAN). Integrated web server enables OS-independent operation with a web browser (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone). Username and password required for access control. 2 independent switchable circuits can handle 16 A. Intelligent electronic control system optimises operation at high starting currents and extends the life of your appliances. Switching states can be changed and displayed individually on the device itself. Adjustable default switching state: Off, On, last active state. Integrated time control using flexibly programmable, time dependent rules: outlets 1 and/or 2, switch on or off, select days or specific date, time (hour and minutes). Automatic clock synchronisation (NTP) and changeover to daylight savings time/standard time. Professional power measurement at On/Off 1 (Master) outlet: measures active power and energy consumption, with...

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