Pre-mixed screed Intomasso B3 Plus - Compliant with UNI EN 13813-2002

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Pre-mixed screed, 3 mm grit, damp earth type, fibre-reinforced with stainless amorphous metallic fibres, with high thermal conductivity, based on hydraulic binders, compensated shrinkage with rapid drying and controlled curing, ideal for Realization by hand or machine, also pressure pump, of background screed to be applied directly on any internal surface as long as it is stable and not subject to capillary ascent. Package: Bulk in silo-25 kg sacks-70 sacks-17.50 QL footboards RH Drying < 2%: 4 days Usage: Internal Color: Grey Particle size: ≤ 3 mm Yield: 18/20 kg/mq per cm thickness depending on the degree of comping Thermal conductivity EN 13813: λ = 2.03 W/MK Minimum application thickness Anchored screed cm 3 Float Screed cm 4 Screed on floor heating cm 3 above the ashlar Float screed on insulating mats > 6 mm cm 5 Compression resistance at 28 days EN 23892-2: ≥ 20 N/mm ² (C20)