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Prepaid Phone cards

Print of Phone cards on thin plastic or paper


Prepaid Phone cards display the issuing company and have a Code that activates the credit amount. This code is protected by a scratch-off label. As these cards are used only singularly they canbe printed on Thin plastic material e.g. PET. Also cardboard is a common used material. The personalization is executed in High-Secure DOD process, a logfile is created during the personalization, duplicates are avoided by this logfile and the entire process is monitored and recorded. The packaging can be made upon your demand: single shrink wrapped, Leoprello etc. We are at your disposal with more than 30 years of experience. Please use the inquiry form Advantages of Prepaid phone cards : Standard quality and Type: 0,4 mm security cardboard 0,4 mm, varnished in Offsetprint CMYK Quality and Type 0,76 mm PVC laminated (Credit card quality) 0,6 mm PVC varnished 0,5 mm PVC laminated 0,3 mm PVC varnished

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