Preset Clicker Wrenches

LTC (dovetail)


Preset Clicker Type Torque Wrench with Dovetail Tang The practical, cost-effective, and extremely versatile assembly option! These preset interchangeable head torque wrenches are ideal for any application where: The fastener or fitting to be tightened cannot readily be engaged with a socket, The same torque is to be applied repeatedly, It is advisable to eliminate the possibility of having the operator set the wrong torque on the tool, High operator efficiency is needed, Simplicity of operation is needed, Very high durability is needed. These needs are common in assembly and standardized field maintenance operations, and the LTC Series tools are superb for these types of applications. A pin lock on the dovetail assures positive head connection, yet permits head changeover in seconds. The torque is preset and locked in with a special tool, and tamper-resistant/tamper-evident seals can be installed. Torque can be set using any torque measurement/calibration device providing ± 1%...

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