Preset Clicker Wrenches

LTCS (square drive)


Preset Clicker Type Torque Wrench with Fixed Square Drive A practical, cost-effective assembly line option when a socket can be used! Preset Fixed Square Drive torque wrenches are ideal for any application where: The fastener or fitting to be tightened can be engaged with a socket, The same torque is to be applied repeatedly, It is advisable to eliminate the possibility of having the operator set the wrong torque on the tool, A limited amount of rotation (no ratcheting) is needed to achieve the desired torque, High operator efficiency is needed, Simplicity of operation is needed, Very high durability is needed. The torque is preset and locked in with a special tool, and tamper-resistant/tamper-evident seals can be installed. Torque can be set using any torque measurement/calibration device providing ± 1% accuracy or better. See our „ Torque Measurement“ products. The strong dimensioned torque spring is the very heart of this clicker wrench. With reaching the pre-set torque,...

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