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The capacity of the waste collection chamber is 20 m3. Overall length 6685mm. Overall width 2480mm. Total height 2655mm. Main hook H 1570mm with the possibility of disassembly. Loading standard Din 30 722. Crushing force of the compression system 370kN. Power of the hydraulic power unit motor 5.5 kW. The piston in the reinforced version + swinging steel collector. Additional hook for maneuvering installed on the rear door. Waste collection chamber for troublefree emptying. Singleleaf rear door sealed. Reinforced rear door with Triple Closure System + tightening screw. Capacitive level sensor 75% 100% Sealing of the inspection door. Duraflex lid above the baling chamber. Reflective stripes. Silent work. CE certificatepossibility of making a waste collection chamber with a capacity of 1422 cubic meters.Baling chamber the possibility of making pressing chambers in two variants short (PMK) and long (PMD) depending on the size of the fed waste.

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