Press brake antimark film for bending - Safety press brake bending of dedicated surfaces



Bending film for press brake bending to protect from scratches, marks, imrints and other surface defects during bending polished materials, prepainted, grinded surfaces etc. together with die protection. Our bending film is premium quality, "Made in Germany". Could be used for bending of steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and any non ferrous metals and highly important for the usage in the production of decorative and prepared surface goods. The delivery program: * 0,4 x 100 mm width (length of roll 54 m) * 0,5 x 100 mm width (length of roll 45 m) * 0,8 x 100 mm width (length of roll 18 m) Width 150-200 mm ; 1,0 and 2,0 mm thickness film is available under request. The film could be used as it is with any tooling or press brake with manual positioning or usage of special holders to fix and to rotate after consume.