Bagging machine baler: Machine intended for the compression of all types of compactable products and waste (feed for livestock and fish farming, shredded green waste, agricultural waste, agro-food products, biscuit waste ...) then semi-automatic bagging in preformed bags. A weighing option is possible. The weight of the balls and bales thus formed is generally limited to 30 kgs. Any specific request can be satisfied. The machine allows a volume reduction up to a factor of 20, depending on the product and the customer's request. Extremely robust machines, the press-baggers are custom-designed to meet the constraints of the products and the required rates.

Compactors and crushers
  • green waste compactor
  • green waste packing machine
  • press-bagger

Product features

Compaction force (in KN) 500
Installed power (kW) 7,5
Dimensions of the finished bale 250 x 400 x 600 mm
Approximate weight of the machine 270 kg
Weight of the ball (according to materials) 15 - 25 kg
Hourly performance 15 balles / heure
Type of DIB Sawdust Crushed wood

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