Presses load cell - 8451, 8552

Compression load cell, canister, compact, with overload protection, robust,


Simple mounting on press stamps, compact and very robust construction, hermetically sealed model, suitable for all standard manual presses with stamp borings of 10 H7 resp. 20 H7, adaptation to right and left handed users possible. Typical applications include: —Forces in component joining —Press-fitting —Bending forces during material deformation —Cutting forces when severing material —Forces during stamping processes —Punching forces for blanks —Break-out forces used in destructive testing The load cell measures the compression forces between the circular contact surfaces of plunger and tool. FEATURES —Measuring ranges from 0 ... 500 N up to 0 ... 100 kN —Measurement range up to 25 kN with mechanical overload protection —Simplest mounting on press ram —Compact and very robust construction —Suitable for all standard manual presses with stamp holes of 8 H7 resp. 20 H7 —Choice of diameter for pin and hole

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Product features

Measuring range Typ 8451 0 ... 100 kn
Measuring range Typ 8552 0 N ... 25 kN
Direction of force compression
Standardization Option
Protection class Typ 8451 IP67 , Typ 8552 IP65
Overload protection Yes
Diameter for pin Typ 8451 Standard
Diameter for pin Typ 8552 - 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 /16 mm
Diameter for hole Typ 8451 - Standard
Diameter for hole Typ 8552 - 8 /10 /12 /15 / 16 mm
Pull-plate No
Load introduction button No
Range of operating temperature Typ 8451 -20 °C ... +80 °C
Range of operating temperature Typ 8552 0 °C ... +70 °C

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How to do: Attach force and displacement sensor to a hand lever press

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