Pressure switch covers do not have a bearing structure but are entirely made of PVC membrane and supported by an overpressure of air generated inside. The use of balloons or pressure switches is permitted in the facilities where there are spectators, practitioners and staff – no more than 50 persons. These covers must be made with materials of fire reaction class not exceeding level 2 and approved according to the decree of the Home Office of 26 June 1984; an adequate support must be provided to prevent the risk of sudden falls in the event of pressure drop. Alternatively, sound and light alarms can be installed to communicate any abnormalities, pressure drops, and / or wind or snow loads above the design limits of the area under consideration. Maintaining structural pressure is essential to a Pressure Structure. The system to control and increase the internal pressure are indispensable prerequisites in which they works: for the first is the emergency group, mandatory, which...

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