The preeflow flowplus16 is a material-resistant, dead space-free miniature pressure sensor in the smallest design - for moving fluids. The "Luer-Lock" (male/female) on both sides makes it suitable for all common dosing systems that work with this type of thread. The sensor generates a standardized, compatible, linearized and temperature-compensated output signal. Existing dosing systems can be easily extended and protected with the pressure sensor. The flowscreen is a robust evaluation device for applications in various fields of application. In combination with the pressure sensor flowplus16, a complete system for fluid process monitoring is created. Thanks to standardized signals and standardized connections, the components can also be integrated as individual components. Your advantages: - Inline sensor - A pure flow sensor - Maintenance-free - Supply/voltage supply 24 V +- 10% - Mechanical Luerlock connection to DIN EN 1707

Dosing pumps
  • Pressure sensors
  • dosing pumps
  • dispensers

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