Our optimized STARe technology enables silicon based piezoresistive pressure measurement with highest accuracy and stability. The Standard Line STARe offers absolute, gage and differential pressure ranges from 1 to 30 bar. The arrangement of the bond pads allow for flexible wire bonding. Features temperature range -40 ... 150 °C additional protection against external influences (e.g.humidity) due to secondary passivation Applications Automotive Industrial White Goods Medical We provide custom sensor solutions based on your needs - we will be happy to advise you on suitability to your unique requirements. Downloads PDF datasheet: Standard line STARe Technical Specifications Type Pressure range Parameter min. typ. max. Unit SL21K-100k-A/GXX 100 kPa Span voltage 40 70 130 mV@5V SL21K-250k-A/GXX 250 kPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V SL21K-500k-A/GXX 500 kPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V SL21K-01M0-A/GXX 1.0 MPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V SL21K-03M0-A/GXX 3.0 MPa Span voltage 60...

Product features

Type SL21K-100k-A/GXX
Pressure range  100 kPa
Parameter Span voltage
min. 40
typ. 70
max. 130
Unit mV@5V

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