First sensors piezoresistive pressure sensors of the K-series STARe A/G are based on the High Stability Line STARe. The sensor elements are mounted on a Kovar TO-8 header. The header is additionally equipped with a high accuracy PTC temperature sensor. The K-Series STARe is supplied with a plastic housing for transport protection and pressure measurements up to 10 bar. Features suitable for filled with oil transmitters suitable for agressive media (rear operation) suitable for vacuum applications Applications Industrial Medical We provide custom sensor solutions based on your needs - we will be happy to advise you on suitability to your unique requirements. Downloads PDF datasheet: K-Series STARe A/G Technical Specifications Type Pressure range Parameter min. typ. max. Unit K10-HS20V-06k0-A/GXX 6 kPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V K10-HS20V-10k0-A/GXX 10 kPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V K10-HS20L-35k0-A/GXX 35 kPa Span voltage 60 100 140 mV@5V K10-HS20L-100k-A/GXX 100 kPa Span...

Product features

Type K10-HS20V-06k0-A/GXX
Pressure range  6 kPa
Parameter Span voltage
min. 60
typ. 100
max. 140
Unit mV@5V

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