This transducer can be used anywhere thanks to its small size. Designed to work without a measuring chamber (uses a flush front diaphragm instead), this transducer is ideal for any measurements where the material to be measured may leave problematic residues. The range of suitable applications is even greater thanks to a choice of screw-on or weld-on adapters. Areas of use: -Bottling plants, food industry -Mixing facilities for the chemicals industry -Pharmaceuticals -Cosmetics industry -Bioengineering These pressure transducers are made entirely of titanium and therefore have outstanding resistance to corrosion. These convert the pressure-induced deflection of the diaphragm into a change in electrical resistance, which can be amplified, measured and processed by external electronic circuitry. FEATURES: -Measuring ranges between 0 ... 5 bar and 0 ... 1000 bar -Accuracy < 0.5 % -Flush mounted diaphragm -Made of titanium -Output 4 ... 20 mA available -Not magnetic

  • Sensors
  • pressure transducer
  • pressure transmitter

Product features

Measuring range 0 … 1000 bar
Kind of measurement ≤ 20 bar: Against atmosphere
Kind of measurement ≤ 50 bar: Against sealed atmosphere
Signal output 1 mV/V - 2 mV/V - by measuring range
Range of operating temperature -55 … +150 °C

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