Pressure transmitter 0...6bar relative pressure,...

Measuring transducers

66.30€ TTC


The pressure sensors with M12-connection are ideally suited for measuring of static and dynamic relative pressure in liquids and gases.

Product features

Name Stainless steel pressure transducer
Pressure measuring range 0...6 bar
pressure measuring variant relative pressure
Burst pressure 18 bar
Electrical connection M12-Connector
Process connection G1/2"
Output signal 0…10 V
Raw material ceramic measuring cell
Housing material Stainless steel AISI 303
Temperature Coefficient TCO < ±0.015 % FS / K ; TCG < ±0.010 % FS / K
Application temperature -20...+80 °C
Remainiing error linearity/hysteresis <±0.4% FS
Power supply 12...30 V DC/ 5 mA or 12...30 V AC / 5 mA
Protection category IP67
EMC-noise emission 2011
EMC-noise withstanding 2007
Weight 0.182 kg

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