A prick punch is similar to a center punch but used for marking out. It has a sharper angled tip to produce a narrower and deeper point. It is also known as a dot punch. The mark can then be enlarged with a centre punch for drilling. • Made from High Quality Carbon Steel. • Accurately Ground and Tempered. • Enamel Painted body with polished working ends. • Used for marking along scribed lines in layout work, piercing holes in light metals and aligning holes in two or more metal sheets marking intersecting Centre Lines, hole locations and drill starting points. Item Code No.Stock SizeOverall Length ABM-PN-100801/4” (6 mm)3” (75 mm) ABM-PN-100813/8” (10 mm)5” (125 mm) ABM-PN-100821/2” (12 mm)6” (150 mm)

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