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The Paper Sack Is Back: Renaissance of the Printed Paper Sack in Retail Sales: For a long time, paper sacks weren't making much of a splash. Assumed to be disposable bags, plastic sacks and cotton bags dominated the streets. Discounters and supermarkets offered plastic sacks by the thousands to their customers at the counter. But with the population's growing ecological awareness, paper sacks have returned to their previous place of significance. Since owners don't give out free bags anymore to package goods, the customer is the one who chooses and often prefers paper sacks. As anyone who has used them knows, they are unexpectedly robust even under heavy loads. Marketing departments have also discovered how inexpensive paper sacks are as effective advertisements, combining promotional potential for the business with value for the customer. Supermarkets, retail stores, and their agents are printing paper sacks in mass numbers again. Printed paper sacks with logos are absolutely...

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