ProFeeder Compact

The smart storage system for automated processes


The ProFeeder Compact from EasyRobotics is a robust robotic cell with compact dimensions that can be easily moved in your production. The ProFeeder Compact is placed separately in front of the machine to be operated. Then an ER Work or an ER Pedestal is positioned in front of the machine. The robot is located on the ER Work / ER Pedestal. The robot now takes workpieces from the ProFeeder Compact and loads and unloads the machine. It then loads the workpieces back into the ProFeeder Compact. This results in advantages for you, such as more space in your production, quick adaptability for different workpieces and a mobile robot cell. Thanks to the simple design of the drawers of the ProFeeder Compact, workpieces of various sizes and lengths can be processed without major changeover work.

  • automation and robotics
  • automation robotics
  • pick and place

Product features

Cell dimensions 780 x 610 x 1083 mm
Dimensions of storage tray 600 x 400 mm
max. height of tray 127 mm
Number of storage trays 6 trays
max. weight per tray 60 kg
Cell weight approx. 200 kg (without robot)

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