RX Inspection & Inking


The ProMapper is the A&R table-top solution to provide state-of-the-art optical inspection according to the industry standards (ISO/ANSI), totally independent from the operator. In addition, it supplies freeform surface evaluation based on the A&R Error Map technology, making sure that no surface defect is shipped to the customer. Based on the Error Map, surface quality features like the GMC (Global Mapping Criteria) are evaluated and constitute extremely relevant inspection data for process control applications (Statistical Process Control).

Medical and surgical optics - instruments
  • Mapping
  • Control
  • Inspection

Product features

Any types of organic lenses SV, PAL’s, multifocal (freeform or conventional)
Diameter 44 to 80 mm
Maximum power for positive axis (at distance and near) +10D
Minimum power for negative axis -12D
Cylinder 0 to 4D
Max prism at PRP 5 Δ
Max prism at measurement point 12 Δ
Max total lens height 20mm
Max front surface sag 17mm
Accuracy Diameter 0.2mm
Accuracy Sphere and cylinder powers 0.03D to 6.00D, 0.04D to 12D
Accuracy Prism Sphere and cylinder 0.03 Δ + 1%
Accuracy Thickness 0.03mm
Covered area for Error Map from -12D to +5D, 40mm from +5D to +10D
Throughput 50 sec. / job
Instrument size H776 x L737 x W618mm
Weight 62 Kg – 67 Kg with Digital Inking

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