Moisture meter Name: ProScan wood moisture meter - Woodworking Material: Wood, timber, lumber, hardwood, softwood, floorings, veneer, non-wood building materials Mc: 5-30% on wood 0–100 reference scale for non-wood building materials Calibrations: Wood species Overview Proscan is a non destructive pinless wood moisture meter for those who want to quickly find moisture in wood. The non-invasive meter is made in the USA and uses radio frequency signals to quickly scan not only wood but also drywall, concrete or other building materials without damaging the sample. Its built-in species corrections for woods with a specific gravity of between .30 and .80, checking a variety of wood species is a cinch. With ProScan professionals can work with confidence, save time, stay on budget and avoid call-backs. Add one to your tool box today! Your Benefits: Handheld, compact, lightweight Easy-to-read digital display Quickly scan large areas to find moisture hot spots Calibrated to minimize fa

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