Product Design


We develop top-level strong innovative design, which emotionally attracts everyone. Product Designer always begins his work with making up the customer profile, studying of the analogues and usage scenarios between customer and product, thereby the future product’s DNA is laid at the very beginning. Such design-research always places the customer and his wants right at the heart and it takes up to 50% of all designer’s work. Only then designer embarks on external representation of the product. Product Designers at Karfidov Lab work in close cooperation with engineers, technologists and client, while at the same time being client’s lawyer. It is the exact approach and principle that we uphold in Karfidov Lab! Projects "Product Design": 1)Autonomous Delivery Robot for Sberbank. 2)Loading Machine Design Project. 3) ExoChair. 4)Fire Alarm System Design. 5)Victory Spoons. 6)Air Cleaning Filter. 7)Green Bar. 8)Nimble Helmet. And much more.

Industrial design
  • Design consultants
  • machine tool design and construction consultants
  • industrial models and prototypes

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