KASHKAVAL - CURD PROCESSİNG TANK “ 1000 liter capacity. Vertical model “ Manufactured from AISI 304 qualıty staınless steel. 1. body 2.5 mm,2. body 2,5 mm and isolated body is 1.5 mm aısı 304 quality stainless steel. Insulation range is 50 mm with polyurethane without cfc. “ Platform with stainless steel. It has electricity damper. Works with electricity “ Its mixer has speed control “ Heatıng with 380 volt electrical resistances “ Product output ıs DN 100 staınless steel valve “Digital temperature display and control mechanism in the control panel KASHKAVAL INFİLTRATİON AND CHEESE WATER STOCK SHIP “ Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. “ 1000 liter capacity “ Two pieces nested. Rotating wheels are available in stainless steel “ DN 40 staınless steel valve

Yoghurt-making machinery
  • Fresh milk
  • cows' milk
  • cheese and dairy plants
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