Production tooling


SKID PRESSURIZATION FOR PLANES INFLATING BENCHES - Stainless skid including the whole instrumentation necessary for piloting - Air filter - Automaton and supervision piloting - Various pressures acquisition - Pressure control at 1,2 mbar/s TOOLING PDOS : POWER DOOR OPENING SYSTEM : This tooling permit: - PDOS electrical supply in 115Vac/400 Hz and in 28Vdc le PDOS, - The jack purge of the driving hoods, - Driving hoods opening and closure (Fan and reverses), - Secure the staff during the operation. HEATED BOX FOR COMPOSITE MATERIAL : - 6 m length welded structure, - Heated box 5,5 m length x 1,5m width, - Heated box flatness 5/10 mm/m, - Vacuous putting system 600mbar, - Temperature setting nd cooling by heat transfer fluid, - Heating capacity of 150kW, - Automaton and supervision piloting

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