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Image processing software from the Y.Image x500 family – The reference for deploying digital flat-panel detectors Products from the Y.Image x500 family support all aspects of inspection activity: from image acquisition using optimally calibrated digital detectors, for example, to analyzing system parameters such as spatial resolution or detail detectability. Screen shot of the x500 software close Back Next Screen shot of the x500 software Digital detector calibration using “Multi-Gain Correction” Intelligent correction of noisy and/or non-linear detector pixels File format DICONDE Support of ASTM digital reference images In use at Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) System qualification Y.Image 3500 fulfills the strict specification BSS7044 in force at the Boeing Company through its implemented system qualification for the user-independent inspection of image quality, and is being deployed successfully there. When a shift starts, system qualification can be used to inspect and log spatial resolution, detail detectability and the image’s signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Measurement In addition to simple measurements of length and area, the “magic wand” function is available for complex areas, too. Precise and reproducible length measurements are achieved by measuring within the gray-scale profile. Detector calibration Y. Image 2500-D and Y.Image 3500 offer “Multi-Gain Correction” for calibrating digital detectors. In the case of the Y.Panel XRD detector, for instance, with as few as around 3 images for correction signal-to-noise ratios of over 1000 are thus possible. Besides calibration, the user is also supported in determining the presence of “underperforming” pixels. Y.HDR-Inspect The synonyme for "highly dynamic radioscopy" (HDR) is Y.HDR-Inspect. Y.HDR-Inspect is a combination of a flat-panel detector with a high image refresh rate and a software that is able to handle this huge amount of data in real time.

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