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Y.MiniOTR – Tire inspection system for off-the-road tires Y.MiniOTR from YXLON is the perfect X-ray system for testing off-the-road tires up to an outer diameter of 2.20 m and an inner diameter of 85 cm. OTR tire in the cabinet close Back Next OTR tire in the cabinet Simultaneous radiographic depiction from bead core to bead core Digital, high-resolution line detector for brilliant image quality Manual and semi-automatic inspection In the case of this tire inspection system, an extremely high-contrast X-ray image of the tire from bead core to bead core originates on only one monitor with the help of a C-shaped, high-resolution digital X-ray detector. The operator quickly identifies the tiniest anomalies in the tire’s tread, profile, shoulder, flank, carcass, bead or steel belts. The Y.MiniOTR tire inspection system contains state-of-the-art X-ray technology combined with leading detector technology and extremely robust machinery. Y.MiniOTR is the perfect solution for quality assurance in the production of off-the-road tires, as well as for process optimization.

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