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Metal-ceramic X-ray tubes YXLON X-ray tubes for non-destructive material testing. X-ray tubes, unipolar and bipolar close Back Next X-ray tubes, unipolar and bipolar Accurately fitting solution for any application Reliable Long lifespan YXLON offers a broad spectrum of metal-ceramic X-ray tubes. Unipolar X-ray tubes in the voltage classes from 100 kV to 225 kV are optimized to inspect weakly absorbent materials such as aluminum, plastics or thin-walled steel parts. The X-ray tubes in the voltage classes 320 kV, 450 kV and 600 kV are utilized during the inspection of solid components, dense materials and when conducting computed tomography. With a maximum voltage of 600 kV, the Y.TU600-D01 X-ray tube is suitable for scanning particularly solid components. Together with an YXLON line detector, the Y.TU600-D01 is the best X-ray tube for CT. Special X-ray tubes are available for a large number of specifications. With its small construction design and optimized cooling, Y.TU120-T01 is ideally suited for tire inspection, whereas Y.TU160-P01, a 360° panorama X-ray tube, has been designed especially for inspecting circumferential welds. Together with constant-voltage X-ray systems from YXLON, productive and capable X-ray systems set standards in reliability and useful lifespans.

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