Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine. Reliable: always, everywhere. When every minute counts, PRIMEDIC™ defibrillators can help hearts stop missing another beat. Everywhere. What matters is that they can be used quickly. Every time. This is what the HeartSave PAD delivers Your reliable companion The occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest cannot be prevented. But the consequences can! Saves lives – Fully portable – Fast The person affected has only a few precious minutes left for a chance of survival. The HeartSave (AED/PAD) only delivers an electric shock if life-threatening fibrillation is actually detected. Easy-to-understand voice prompts guide the user through the rescue procedure, thus eliminating the possibility of the device being operated incorrectly. Reliability is top priority at PRIMEDIC™. Safety aspects such as easy operation, routine self-tests, spray water protection and exceptional robustness set the HeartSave apart from the competition. Features Voice prompts in one language Compact Flash Card 3-year lithium battery 

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