Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine. Reliable: always, everywhere. When every minute counts, PRIMEDIC™ defibrillators can help hearts stop missing another beat. Everywhere. What matters is that they can be used quickly. Every time. This is what the HeartSave AS delivers Sudden cardiac death – every second counts! Sudden cardiac arrests are caused by life-threatening fibrillation. And it can happen any time and anywhere: at work, at home or out on the playing field. Initial care for the patient includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but this is not enough to stop fibrillation on its own. The only thing that can stop it is early defibrillation, i.e. treatment using a controlled impulse that is delivered automatically by the HeartSave AS as needed, which can ensure survival. The new fully automatic companion for all emergency situations. Saves lives. Fully portable. Fast. The occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest cannot be prevented. But the consequences can! The person affected has only a few precious minutes left for a chance of survival. The new technology developed by PRIMEDIC™ means that even fewer steps are required for first aiders: this is because the fully automatic HeartSave AS automatically delivers an electric shock – preceded by an audible warning – if the defibrillator detects life-threatening fibrillation. The technical advance: there's no need to press the shock button. In an emergency, all first aiders need to is to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and apply the HeartSave AS device's extremely easy-to-use, pre-plugged SavePads (electrodes). Easy-to-understand voice prompts then guide first aid personnel step-by-step through the rescue procedure.

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