Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine. Reliable: always, everywhere. When every minute counts, PRIMEDIC™ defibrillators can help hearts stop missing another beat. Everywhere. What matters is that they can be used quickly. Every time. This is what the HeartSave 6/6S delivers The professional for professionals From the 6-lead ECG to SpO2 monitoring, the HeartSave 6 series offers everything you need for emergency monitoring. Manual operation / Synchronous defibrillation Once switched on, the HeartSave 6/6S is in automatic mode. If necessary, the user can switch the device to manual mode at the touch of a button. If a QRS complex is detected in manual mode, synchronous markers are automatically assigned to the R wave and cardioversion is enabled. In manual mode, it is possible to select one of the following power levels: 50 J, 100 J, 200 J, 300 J and 360 J. Monitoring The 3-core ECG patient cable included in delivery makes affordable patient monitoring possible. Simple plugging and unplugging delivers a high degree of flexibility. Features Voice prompts in 4 languages Freely selectable language packs PRIMEDIC™ AkuPak (lithium-ion) or 6-year lithium battery Extensive alarm functions Compact flash card, ECG viewer

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