The humimeter FL2 hay moisture tester is very well suited for producers, traders and end customers. Only the exact moisture measurement of hay and straw guarantees optimal further processing. The humimeter FL2 hay moisture tester allows a quick and easy measurement: push the hay temperature probe into the hay or straw bale, turn on the hay moisture tester and read off the water content and temperature from the LCD within seconds. The measuring values can be stored on the hay moisture tester and sent to a portable printer or PC if required. The water content is an essential criterion for the quality of hay and straw bales. That's the reason why quality control in this field becomes increasingly important. By an exact moisture measurement, you can avoid problems caused by mould and avoid paying the high product price only for water. To avoid costly mistakes due to incorrect moisture levels it is necessary to check the moisture in the manufacturing and treatment process

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • straw and hay
  • water content hay
  • straw moisture meter

Product features

Measuring range 8 to 60% water content
Resolution 0.1% water content
Calibrate accuracy +/- 0.8%
Temperature measuring range -20°C to +120°C/-4°F to +248°F

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