Professional ski simulator Indoor training for winter sports

Professional ski simulator Indoor training for winter sports Ski and snowboard


PRO2DS Model PRO2DS is designed for the simultaneous skiing of up to 2 people. Overall dimensions of the model are: Recommended number of skiers with the skis with length of 170 cm: 1 max speed and 2 average speed Overall length: 7684 ... 8124 mm Overall width: 5570 mm Maximum speed of the moving band basic: 60 km/h Inclination angle: V: +8° +23°, H: +/-10° Our company constantly develops and extends the line of the ski simulators PROLESKI. In such a way, new series of endless slopes Direction+Sport have all modifications of the Direction series. First of all, this includes the dynamic change of the inclination angles of the moving band in horizontal and vertical directions, driven by lifting mechanisms and electric cylinders. Compared to other models, PRO2DS has a dynamical speeding-up and the speed acceleration up to 60 km/h.

Skiing and winter sports - equipment and accessories
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