Product description Profil rail system - Series: HRC - Size 15 Series: Heavy load from stock, we deliver the system in 2-3 days ! Datenblatt HRC download Step 3D Here´s offered: Blocks with seals on both sides Standard preload class V0 (V0 = light preload = for precision situations, smooth motion) With of the rail: 15mm Height of the rail: 15mm Distance of the holes: 60mm Fixed from above Blocks: different types available Other systems upon request Please choose one of the following, above the "add to cart" button in the right top corner of this page: 1.) needed length of the rail (grouped by 100mm) 2.) needed block (1 or 2 pcs per rail, more blocks please request) 3.) set the needed quantity of systems The right price for the complete systems you can see now. 4.) The excat required length of the unit please enter in the bottom field. If you give us no note there, we supply automatically the maximum length of this article. 5.) Please takes your notes for wished dimension "T5" (the first and the last distance to the middle of holes). If you give us no note there, we supply automatically the middle of arithmetically for a minimum of 10mm. for example: 20/20 6.) If you like, give us further notes for technical refernces in the field "notes".

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