Axial Damping Energy capacity 2.0 Nm/cycle Stroke max. 5 mm Very efficient energy guzzlers: The TA profile dampers from the ACE TUBUS-Series are maintenance-free and ready to install. They consist of co-polyester elastomer; a material that only heats up slightly and ensures consistent damping. The TA models absorb a lot of energy at the start of the stroke. The TA family has been specially developed for maximum energy absorption within a range of 2 Nm to 2,951 Nm. The minimum height is thanks to the space-saving shape with Ø 12 mm to Ø 116 mm. The dampers can be very easily and quickly fixed with the provided special screw.

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Product features

Energy capacity 2.0 Nm/cycle
Energy capacity emergency use 3 Nm/cycle
Energy absorption 58 % to 73 %
Dynamic force range 870 N to 90,000 N
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +90 °C
Construction size 12 mm to 116 mm
Mounting In any position
Material hardness rating Shore 55D Shore
Material Co-Polyester Elastomer
Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does
Impact velocity range Max. 5 m/s
Torque max. 1 Nm M4: 1.7 Nm M5: 2.3 Nm M6: 6 Nm M8: 20 Nm M12: 50 Nm M16: 120 Nm
Application field Linear slides, Pneumatic cylinders, Handling modules, Machines and plants, Swivel units, Electro-mec

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