CALIPRI RC220 is a hand-held profile measuring instrument for high-precision sampling measurement of rolled products. With CALIPRI RC220, the cutting and cooling of samples for the evaluation of the contour is no longer necessary. The use of the optical profile measuring gauge thus speeds up the calibration of new rolled profiles. The system is mobile and can be moved quickly and easily from one rolling line to another. The measuring device can be placed between rolling stands by hand or by means of a guiding device and can measure the profile of the still hot product in a matter of seconds. The result is displayed as a point curve on the system's tablet PC and the profile can be evaluated using predefined measurement specifications and template profiles. When measuring with CALIPRI RC220, the sensor records the rolled profile from all sides and can thus evaluate both simple and complex profile shapes. After the measurement, the result can be exported as a report or data file.

Rolling mills - machinery and installations
  • Rolling mill
  • Handheld
  • Contour

Product features

Technology Laser light section
Function Profile Measurement
Measurement principle Offline/Manual

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