Promag W is the specialized sensor for all applications in the water industry. Combined with the Promag 10 transmitter for basic applications and direct integration, Promag 10W offers accurate measurement of liquids for a wide range of applications. It will be the preferred solution for customers aiming for minimized cost of ownership. Promag 10W is available in a compact or remote version.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Electromagnetic
Product headline The sensor with degree of protection IP68 (Type 6P enclosure) combined with a highly cost‐effective
Sensor features Secure, reliable long‐term operation – robust and completely welded sensor. Energy‐saving flow measu
Transmitter features Cost‐effective – designed for easy applications and direct integration. Safe operation – display pro
Nominal diameter range DN 25...2000; 1"...78"
Max. measured error ±0.5%
Measuring range 0...110'000 m3/h
Max. process pressure PN6...40; Cl 150...300; JIS 10...20K; AWWA Class D; AS 2129 Table E; AS 4087 PN16
Medium temperature range -20...+80°C; (-4...+176°F)
Degree of protection IP 67 (Nema 4x); IP 68 (Nema 6P)

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