The straight single-tube design of the Promass 83I, provides the regular Coriolis flowmeter outputs of mass flow, density and temperature, additionally it provides in-line viscosity measurement as an optional output. It offers premium accuracy in measurement of liquids and gases. It will be the preferred solution for customers using extended functionality like software options for filling and dosing, concentration measurement or advanced diagnostics.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Coriolis
Main features Balanced singe-tube system, "Fit-and-Forget" installation, viscosity measurement;
Diameter DN 8...80 5/16"...3"
Measuring range 0...180'000 kg/h 0... 20'000 cP (viscosity)
Process temperature -50...+150°C (-58...+302°F)
Pressure range PN 16...100 CI 150...600 JIS 10...63K
Measured error Mass flow: +-0.1% Volume flow: +-0.5% Viscosity: ± 5% ± 0.5 mPa•s (Newtonian fluids) Density: +- 0.0
Display/Operation Four line backlit Touch control
Inputs Status Current input
Outputs 0/4...20mA Pulse Frequency (10KHz), active/passive Relays/Status


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