Lock Release Mechanism

Electromechanical locks


Designed to open Promix-SM203 or Promix-SM213 electromechanical locks by a key from outside, and by a thumb turn from inside. Can be used to replace the strike plate of previously installed Promix-SM203 or Promix-SM213 locksThe Promix-AD.KM.01 lock unlocking mechanism is an independent device that allows mechanical opening of electromechanical locks Promix-SM203 or Promix-SM213 of any version in case of failure of the power supply. The mechanism is a necessary additional device if you use normally closed locks to restrict access to premises with constant presence of people. The mechanism is an independent device that allows to mechanically open Promix-SM203 or Promix-SM213 locks even in case of failure! Can be installed on the door leaf of 40 mm thickness instead of the strike plate (from the lock package contents). Should be used when the lock is installed in the doorframe. The mechanism can be used with Promix-SM203 orPromix-SM213 locks of any modification.

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