Promix-sm101 Electromechanical Small Corner Lock

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ANALOG OF ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCK For locking swing doors opening both outside and inside the room. Fits almost any door!“PromixSM101” is the new name of the series of locks combining electromechanical locks “Sheriff1 light” and “Sheriff1 premium” Perfect for installation on almost any wood, metal and plastic doors. Does not spoil the look of the door, as it is mounted in the corner of the doorframe. Due to this, there are no visible adjustment and mounting elements (if the width of the rebate ledge of the doorframe is more than 25 mm). Easy installation — the lock is quickly and accurately mounted in the corner of the doorframe according to the attached template, the deadbolt is mounted on the door.Fixing the lock in the corner of the doorframe ensures its reliable and stable operation and further strengthens the frame. The position of the deadbolt in case of inaccurate installation or sagging of the door during operation is adjusted automatically.

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Product features

X - lock version 0 - normally open, 1 - normally closed
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V, 1 - 24 V
Z - availability of built-in sensors 0 (n/a) - no sensors, 3 - door and lock sensors.
color - body color white, brown, silver.
Holding force (provided by a special mechanism, not by the magnitude of the magnetic ) at least 400 kg
Input current (at 12V/24V) 0.1/0.05 A
Power supply voltage DC 12±2V, 24±2V
Version normally open, normally closed
Maximum sensor-switched current (DC) 0.5А
Maximum sensor-switched voltage (DC) 36V
Output signal of sensors “dry contact”
body and bracket material steel painted with polyester powder enamel
Lock weight maximum 0.3 kg
High reliability at least 400,000 cycles of operation
Operating temperature range °C -30...+50

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