Promix-sm104 Electromechanical Lock With Pusher

Electromechanical locks


“PromixSM104” is the new name of the “Sheriff4” series of locks. The lock is designed for installation in luggage lockers, builtin cabinets, lockers in locker rooms, drawers for storage of documents, fire hose cabinet, etc. It is possible to use the lock to keep the doors open/closed. The lock allows not to install the handle on the door, because when you open the lock, the door “opens” itself (see video). Unique balance between the dimensions, holding force and input current. Automatic adjustment of the deadbolt in case of inaccurate installation or sagging of the doorNormally closed locks are unlocked by applying the supply voltage. For operation, the lock requires a power supply unit and an ACS controller. To open the lock, the ACS controller must supply the supply voltage to the lock for a time not exceeding that specified in the technical specifications.

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Electromechanical Lock
  • Lock Pusher
  • Pushes Door

Product features

X - lock version 1 - normally closed
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V, 1 - 24 V
Z - availability of built-in sensors 0 (n/a) - no sensors, 1 - door position sensors.
Overall dimensions (diameter x length), mm 20 х 67
Deadbolt holding force, kg, at least 300
Weight, g 115
Supply voltage (DC), V 12/24
Input current 0,35/0,22A
Pulse duration to open the lock, sec 0.5-3 (not standardized)
Interval between pulses of supply voltage, sec, at least 15 (not standardized)
Initial static force of door opening, kg 0.7
Lock and deadbolt coating H9, C6Hr

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