Promix-sm112 Electromechanical Lock For Retail Space Furniture

Electromechanical locks


Mini lock designed to restrict access to various retail space furniture showcases made of chipboard and aluminum profile with one or two swing glass doors, cabinets and drawers of counters.“PromixSM112” is the new name of Sheriff2M Electromechanical lock. Miniature size and design features allow to use the lock to restrict access to various retail area furniture chipboard showcases with one or two swing glass doors; aluminum profile showcases with one or two swing glass doors; chipboard cabinets and drawers of counters. The lock is available in normally closed variant the lock is closed if the supply voltage is removed. The lock can be opened by applying the supply voltage with the help of controllers of access control system, audio and video intercoms, keypads, conventional buttons or switches.The lock is mounted on a fixed surface. The counterpart (deadbolt) is installed on the door. If there are two doors, the second door is locked with a strike plate.

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Furniture Lock
  • Showcases Lock
  • Swing Lock

Product features

Holding force at least 150 kg
DC supply voltage 10-14V
Input current (at 12V) 0.1А
Length of power cable 0.1m
Lock weight maximum 0.15 kg

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