Promix-sm131 Electromechanical Lock

Electromechanical locks


Two modifications for mortise and rim versions. Compact size. In the factory package, the deadbolt is assembled on a flat bracket. If necessary, the deadbolt is disassembled and assembled on the corner bracket (included in the package contents). Colors of mass production locks 00 white color of lock and deadbolt brackets, 01 galvanization of all parts of lock and deadbolt. Painting in other colors as agreed.Normally closed locks are unlocked by applying the supply voltage, while normally open locks are unlocked by removing the supply voltage. For operation, the lock requires a power supply unit and an ACS controller. To open the lock, the ACS controller must apply the voltage to the lock or remove it (depending on the lock design), and hold this state until the door is opened.

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Modifications Lock
  • Deadbolt Brackets
  • Deadbolt Holding

Product features

X - lock version 0 - normally open*, 1 - normally closed
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V, 1 - 24 V*
ZZ - version 00 - lock with flat bracket, 01 - lock with corner bracket
Deadbolt holding force 150 kg
Power supply voltage DC 11-14V
nput current (at 12V) 0.1А
Length of cable for connection 0.15m
ambient temperature -40 to +50 °C
relative humidity not more than 95% at 35°C and lower temperatures without condensation and hoar

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