Promix-sm203 Mortise Electromechanical Lock

Electromechanical locks


Extremely simple installation. Can be installed both into doorframe and into door leaf! Normally open (open without supply voltage) or normally closed (closed without supply voltage) version. Low current consumption (only 85mA)! Original mechanism of “folding” the latch into the lock body when opening the door. Can be installed in any doors: wooden, aluminum, plastic, steelDesigned for locking swing doors, gates and wickets, with the possibility of their remote opening with the help of controllers of access control system, audio and video intercoms, keypads. The lock is available in two versions: normally open (open when the supply voltage is removed, and closed when the supply voltage is applied) and normally closed (closed when the supply voltage is removed, and open when the supply voltage is applied). When using the unblocking mechanism of Promix-AD.KM.01 lock, one can manually open the lock with a key.

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Electromechanical Lock
  • Mortise Lock
  • Promix Lock

Product features

X - lock version 0 - normally open, 1 - normally closed
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V, 1 - 24 V
Z - availability of built-in sensors 0 (n/a) - no sensors, 2 - lock status sensor
Body and tab material steel with electroplated protective coating
Face plate material stainless steel
Installation position any
Operating temperature range -40...+30 0С
Relative humidity not more than 95% at 35°C and lower temperatures
Resistance to climatic factors according to GOST 15150-69 UHL2
Can be installed in any doors wooden, aluminum, plastic, steel

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