Promix-sm307 Electronic Lock For Mobile City Transport

Electromechanical locks


Electronic lock for automated parking lots of smallsized mobile urban transport and electric transport with fixation and identification of transport by its individual number.PromixSM307 electromechanical lock is designed to fix transport vehicles in the parking space and has a builtin controller that allows to identify the vehicles by individual license plate number, to monitor the unauthorized withdrawal of vehicles, and provides the control and monitoring of the lock status by commands transmitted over the local network. PromixSM307 locks are installed in a horizontally located cavity, combined into a network controlled by a terminal, a computer or a separate server that collects information by GSM, Ethernet and other receivers.Parking locks are combined into a local network of the PromixLocker system up to 32 locks per parking lot. The number of parking spaces connected to the control device is determined by the number of its USB, UART, COM ports.

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Electronic Lock
  • Transport Lock
  • Ethernet Lock

Product features

Supply voltage, direct current, U, V 12±2
Input current, A 0,04
Input current at withdrawal of transport, А 0,34
Voltage of the mechanism of deadbolt locking, V 12±2
Duration of withdrawal of transport, s 0,5 - 32
Holding force (minimum), kg 400

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