Promix-sm309 Electromechanical Lock For Parcel Automat

Electromechanical locks


The lock is installed on the inner surfaces of the cabinet perpendicular to the door. The counterpart (deadbolt) is installed on the door. Principle of operation when the supply voltage is applied, the lock unlocks the door and pushes it out with the builtin pusher. Thus, the open door is immediately visible and there is no need to install a handle on the door. The design provides for the possibility of emergency manual opening. The lock is equipped with door position and lock status sensors with “dry contacts”. The door position sensor detects two states the door is closed and the door is open for more than 7 mm. The lock status sensor indicates whether the deadbolt is unlocked or locked.Flat shape, different colors and small dimensions allow to install the lock on any cabinet; No backlash of the closed door; Builtin door position and lock status sensors; Installation on metal and chipboard furniture; Emergency manual opening;

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Parcel Lock
  • Lock Automat
  • Door Position

Product features

X - lock version 1 - normally closed
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V
Z - availability of built-in sensors 3 - door position and lock status sensors

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