Promix-sm410 Electromechanical Lock With Remote Control

Electromechanical locks


Electromechanical lock for chest freezer with sliding doors. Builtin radio remote controller, door position sensor, lock jamming sensor, emergency opening function.PromixSM410 electromechanical lock for freezer chests is designed for installation on chests with straight and curved doors. The lock consists of two parts the blocker installed on the profile of the chest “crown”, and the deadbolt installed on the door in the regular hole in the glass. There is no mechanical connection between the deadbolt and the blocker (there is an air gap between them). The lock blocker contains the electromechanical device controlling the position of the locking rod of the deadbolt, the controller, the sensor of the closed door position of the chest, light and sound indicators of operating modes of the lock.The controller provides the following modes opening the lock by the signal of the key fob within a specified time

Locks, bolts and keys
  • Position Sensor
  • Lock Jamming
  • Jamming Function

Product features

X - lock version 2 - trigger
Y - nominal supply voltage 0 - 12 V
D - availability of built-in sensors 1 - built-in door position sensor
ZZ - version 00 (n/a) - for Caravell chests U1 - for UBC chests
color - body color red, grey.

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