Liquid-silicone – the material processed by starlim//sterner on over 200 injection molding machines is a multi-facetted material. Good properties and steady improvements allow for a big range of applications for liquid silicone. It has become an indispensible material for many components used in daily life. A summary of the most salient features: Shore A hardness ranging from 5 to 85 Seven standard colors are available, liquid silicone may be dyed at any color. starlim//sterner has defined seven standard colors from the whole range. Temperature resistance: long-term (entire life-span of product) within the range from -50°C to 180°C and short interval 300°C (depending on the material: several hours). Remains flexible at low temperatures. Liquid silicone remains elastic despite big differences in temperature High level of extensibility (up to 1000%) High tear resistance and high value of compression set Good ozone and UV resistance which translates into good weathering properties and