Propolis Liquid Extract


Product Name: Propolis Liquid Extract 50ml Product Brand: Mindivan Product Size: 50ml Summary Information FABULOUS RICH CONTENT: PROPOLIS This resin-like product is called propolis, which is formed by the secretions of bees from the leaves, stems and stems of different and various plants. Propolis has a very important place for bees. Bees release propolis to protect their hives from insects and bees outside, and they also use it in the hygiene of their hives. Propolis is a valuable secretion rich in phenolic and flavonoids used by humans. Propolis, which has been used in many places throughout history, is almost energy storage. Rich Content As propolis is used by being assimilated alone, it can be mixed with pollen, royal jelly and honey, which are other important products in bees, and an energy and health store can be created. The beneficial secretions of bees also benefit humans and are highly preferred.

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